A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

My Star Wars toy collection

2010-02-24  Updated Wants section 

2009-03-14  Added some 12" figures, some MOC Stormtroopers, the Celebration Japan medallions, a modern exlusive and some holographics. 

2009-02-06  Updated Wants section. 

2009-02-05  Added some Revenge proofs to the Vintage Prototypes section. 

2009-02-01  A few new holographic items and a couple of 12" figures.  Update was long overdue! 

2008-09-08  Added some new holographic stuff, and a new 12 inch figure. 

2008-08-25  Added some new pages, and broke out some of the pictures to their own page. 

2008-08-24  12 inch Stormtroopers added to the Modern Collection page. 

2008-08-22  Added holographic and spirit figure collection pictures. 

2008-08-12  Added to Vintage Ships / Playsets, Modern Collection, and Star Wars Medallions in the POTF Coin section. 

2008-08-08  Happy 08/08/08 day!  Updated with some pics of my POTF coin collection. 

2008-07-30  Went to Comic Con in San Diego.  Had fun, but wow there were a lot of people there!  Went to the Premier Collectible Auction.  Picked up an ESB Stormtrooper 45 Palitoy Dual Stem and a vintage SW Puzzle!  Added those pics, and some modern stuff. 

2008-07-11   Finally!  up and running.  I've partially updated the Vintage Figures and AFA / MOC pages.  More pics to come soon!

2008-07-06   After MANY edits to the base template, and a crash course in HTML/CSS I think I finally have the look I want.

2008-07-03   Just getting started on the new website.  I got tired of the old site I had, and this one seems easier to manage. 

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